Power Your Mountain Biking with an Electric Motor

Power Your Mountain Biking with an Electric Motor

Looking for a good workout? Try pedaling an electric mountain bike, the future of outdoor adventure sports. While riding an e-bike requires almost as much physical effort as a standard bike, the effort is much easier with a motor.

The appeal of electric mountain bikes is rising. Newcomers and purist cyclists are drawn to the ability to ride across all types of terrains, steep hills and weather. Where they’re hesitant? The high speeds of 25 mph electric mountain bikes can reach.

E-bikes are increasingly common in city streets and bike lanes thanks to their versatility, power-assisted motors and eye-catching design.

Electric mountain bikes, similar to standard mountain bikes, differ from road bikes or beach cruisers with features like a super-powerful motor, all-terrain tires and front and rear suspension.

Built for sport, electric mountain bikes are suitable for dirt trails, snow, or any other type of rugged terrain you might encounter.

So, ready to hit the trails?

Make Your Trail More Entertaining

The speed and power of an electric motorbike up mild or steep hills will put your skills to the test.

You’ll be riding fast enough that you’ll need a quick reaction time to spot berms as you hit them at faster speeds than flat corners.

Most bike riders say it’s akin to descending all the time, fueling your adrenaline is a totally different way than riding with leg power alone.

You’ll also have to put in a lot of effort, even with pedal-assist. Because full power boost is so addictive, you’ll likely end up pedaling as much as on a standard mountain bike while riding 2-3x the average distance.

Power Your Mountain Biking with an Electric Motor
Power Your Mountain Biking with an Electric Motor

Ride for Hours, No Matter What Age

Using an e-bike means riding for far longer and way faster, meaning your days out can last for hours.

Just make sure to charge your battery up to 90% before setting out for the day or bringing an additional fully-charged battery as a backup so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out.

Mountain biking is an active sport, traditionally keeping away inexperienced or older riders.

But the benefit of an electric mountain bike is flatter hills that are much easier to travel over, regardless of skill level, age or general fitness.

A Fitness Workout

With pedal-assisted functionality to provide a boost of power, it’s no surprise that electric road bikes and mountain-bikes alike are appealing to outdoor activists.

They can easily be adjusted to the rider based on their fitness or performance goals, and promotes physical activity among people across demographics.

The good news is that electric mountain bikes are a catalyst to get people outside, riding on trails that they thought were out of reach, and training their bodies in all new ways.

Ready to RIDEL?

The RIDEL Tripster is an adventure to ride for all terrains!

With super fat tires and dual suspension, you can ride a range up to 38 miles thanks to a heavy-duty 500W motor and intelligent power assist system.

Plus, a special folding frame design makes this sporty bike convenient to grab and take along, wherever your travels might lead.

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