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Color Picker for Elementor Forms by Gloo.

Sometimes the smallest additions to your website's Elementor forms make the biggest differences.

We all know and love Elementor, the #1 page builder for WordPress, and its flexibility in creating perfectly serviceable forms for your website or your client's. However sometimes the available features just aren't enough. Sometimes you need to achieve something that is just out of reach, that might look simple enough to implement but in actuality requires hours of development work.

Color Picker Field by Gloo

The Color Picker Field is exactly one of these features. Works perfectly in conjunction with other Forms Extensions+  features for your Elementor forms, for example when creating an entirely new User page through a form, or choosing which color to order a product in.

What does it do?

It's as simple as it says on the label. Adds a color picker tool to your form, allowing for a color value to be submitted along all the other data you may have customized your form to deal with. The Color Picker Field adds a field to your Elementor Forms from which your users will be able to select colors, thanks to an eyedropper tool, hue and saturation picker, and RGB values for fine control over the needed color.
The Color Picker Field, just like all the other Forms Extensions+ modules, is designed to work together with the others, contributing to bringing your Elementor Forms experience to the next level.

Use cases

Your costumer is ordering a customizable product that can come in as many colors as they may want. They can submit an order through Checkout Anything Form Action, add notes, and then pick the color they want with the Color Picker Field.
Or maybe your user is customizing accents for their profile page or their new post by using Frontend Post Submission and Editing. Add a color picker and provide a more interactive experience for your users.
The possibilities are endless for such a seemingly small addition to your arsenal.


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