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Comedy of errors gets three cars stuck in snow near Ice Caves

In what could be described as a comedy of errors, three cars wound up getting stuck near the Ice Caves starting on Friday and ending Saturday night.

“Somebody went out there yesterday, and they got stuck. Somebody went out to help, and they got stuck. Then somebody else went out to help them, and they got stuck. They wound up having a wrecker come out,” said Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries.

The wrecker arrived about the same time the Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputies showed up in their humvees to help.

It began on Friday when the first car drove off Red Road and drove into the closed section of the Sand Dunes near Clark County. Shortly after the car became stuck in the snow. That section of the Sand Dunes serves as a wildlife refuge during the winter months and is off limits to people.

Humphries said the group in the first car initially wanted to visit the Ice Caves that’s located in the restricted part of the Sand Dunes.

After the first driver got stuck, he called someone to take him home and left his car there overnight. The next day, another person came to rescue of the stuck car, and, in the process, got their vehicle stuck. Another call was made and another person came to help and also got trapped in the snow.

Humphries didn’t know where everyone who kept getting stuck was from but said those involved were not Brigham Young University-Idaho students.

No one was injured while getting stuck and unstuck in the snow. All three cars have been removed. It wasn’t known if there was damage to any of the cars.

Humphries warned Upper Valley residents to avoid going onto the Sand Dunes’ wildlife refuge.

“We’d certainly like to remind everyone the desert is closed to human entry. There are signs up there all over. I don’t know how they missed seeing them,” he said.

Those who ignore warning signs run the risk of getting a citation. Humphries didn’t know if the owners of the vehicles would be charged and said that it would be up to the county prosecutor to decide.

As more information becomes available, the Standard Journal will update the story.

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